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Banh Khoai is back!

It's BACK! Due to popular demand...we are now serving Bánh Khoái at Huế Ơi 😋

📸 @hanheats

Bánh Khoái, is a distinct dish from Huế, Vietnam.

Some say this many others...was created to fulfill the Emperor's extreme demand for tasty food😋.

Bánh Khoái literally translated means: "happy cake" where it is possible Bánh Khoái gets this name because it resembles a big smile 😄 when Bánh Khoái is folded like a "Taco".

What's the difference between Bánh Khoái from Huế, Vietnam and Bánh Xèo from South Vietnam?

Bánh Khoái looks similar to Bánh Xèo so it's easy to assume they are the same. Bánh Khoái is a distinct Huế dish. It's usually a little smaller and crispier (stays crispy too!) as well as thicker than Bánh Xèo. Plus it comes with a special sauce that makes all of the difference. The wildly popular Southern dish, Bánh Xèo is usually eaten with fish sauce.

📍Hue Oi

Fountain Valley, CA


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