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Located in the center of Vietnam, Hue is famous for its severe weather with boiling hot days in the summer and ceaseless raining weeks in the winter.  Between 1802 and 1945, it was the imperial capital of the Nguyen Dynasty. It is well known for its monuments and architecture. Its population stands at about 340,000 people.  Hue people, therefore, have formed their own culture to overcome geographical and climatic difficulties. This culture, seen through food, characteristics, and other aspects in daily life, reflects the typical feature of Hue people.  Hue is famous for various kinds of food. People remember Hue’s food because of the arts and the hidden meaning which each dish conveys.  Another main feature of Hue dishes that sets them apart from other regional cuisines in Vietnam is the relatively small serving size with refined presentation, a vestige of its royal cuisine.


The Duong Family established HUE OI in May 2011, Garden Grove California & immediately became a wildly popular destination for Orange County locals who craved authentic Vietnamese food. After being open for not even two years, Hue Oi outgrew its original Garden Grove location & moved to its current Fountain Valley, California location in 2013. After being Voted Best Vietnamese (OC Hot List) & named 75 Best Places to Eat in Orange County (OC Register) for consecutive years, Hue Oi has expanded to Redondo Beach, California as PHO HUE OI. Most recently, on OC Weekly’s Best of OC -- 2018 -- Hue Oi was Voted Best Restaurant, Best Vietnamese Restaurant, Best Vietnamese Iced Coffee and Best Pho.

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