Thịt Luộc Cuốn Tôm Chua at Huế Ơi

Thank you Craftywendycrafts for beautifully painting this picture of our #ThitLuocCuonTomChua ❤️🙌

"hungry? this is the Special Spring Roll (Thịt Heo Luộc Cuốn Tôm Chua) from @hueoi in Fountain Valley (it’s a distinct dish from Hue, Vietnam!)⁣⁣


The rolls are made of pickled shrimp and thinly sliced steamed pork belly with ong choy (water spinach), mint leaves, purple yam, round rice noodles wrapped in rice paper ⁣⁣


I learned from them that because it’s very a traditional dish and sadly since it’s mostly made at home, it’s fading away from the norm so THIS IS EXTRA SPECIAL ⁣⁣


also speaking of special— try it with their special sauce, they recommend the 2 together for the best taste!⁣⁣

have you tried this special spring roll before?"

Order for Delivery now !


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