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Bun Bo Hue Video by @MissFoodAddict

Thank you @missfoodaddict for visiting us recently!

We're so glad you enjoyed our Bún Bò Huế!

#repost "Do you like pho or bun bo hue? Which would you rather choose and why? Don’t get me wrong. I love pho. But it’s not something I can eat everyday. And Bun Bo Hue that I have experienced so far were good but felt it was oily and loaded with msg. Yesterday was a totally different experience! Went to visit @hueoi in Fountain Valley and was blown away when I took that first sip of broth. How do they make the soup this flavorful and amazing?? It was very cleaning tasting like they filtered out all the fat and only left the deep boiled flavors of the meat left simmering with spices on the stove for many hours. So I had to ask. How do you make the soup? And they replied, family recipe. Oh it definitely taste like something you’d only eat at someone’s house where they prepare it with lots of attention and love. This isn’t your typical mainstream food at Hue Oi. You can find that just a block away at those commercialized restaurants that serves mass produced food made by non Vietnamese cooks. But this place has old generation veterans enjoying true authentic food where you’ll never see their dishes posted on social media. And that’s when you know that you’re at the right place. Solid quality great tasting Vietnamese food. Check them out! You’ll like it. "


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