Hue Oi was listed in OC Register's "Best Vietnamese food in Little Saigon: The top 25 dishe

"Best Vietnamese food in Little Saigon: The top 25 dishes to eat" We're honored to be included and that our Banh Beo Chen is "Pure joy..." Thank you! Brad A Johnson Orange County Register See article here: Hue Oi

Must order: banh beo chen. Countless restaurants serve these diminutive rice-flour pancakes, but they almost always come off as clumsy and messy, leaving most people to think that’s the way they’re supposed to be made. But if you go to Hue Oi, you will learn to appreciate their elegance and sophistication. Each little disc, about the size of a silver dollar, is topped with crushed dried shrimp, chopped scallions and a nugget of fried pork rind. Splash it with some decidedly nonfishy fish sauce and a pinch of chili, then pop it into your mouth. Pure joy. Also great here is the banh uot thit nuong sa (lemongrass pork with rice sheets). 16537 Brookhurst St., Fountain Valley; 714-531-1305. Closed Tuesdays. More info: Facebook page,

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