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Bun Bo Hue

Thank you @lisaeatseverything 🙌

"One of the best bowls of Bun Bo Hue in the OC. The broth was so savory, beef had tendons in every bite, pork sausage was slightly sweet, and pork hock was nicely cooked without mushing the skin.🔥 10/10 would recommend 🥢".

What is Bún Bò Huế?

It's our “Huế” traditional noodle soup (slow cooked for 8 hours) with beef tender shank, pork hock, pork meat balls & cooked blood pudding in a rich broth served with Vietnamese greens.

📍 Hue Oi Vietnamese Cuisine

Fountain Valley, CA

📍 Pho Hue Oi

Redondo Beach, CA


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