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A Delicious Sense of Place At Hue Oi Vietnamese Cuisine

"I was recently invited to visit an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Little Saigon. It was delicious, unique and quite a family affair. The name is derived from the famous city in Vietnam, called Hue. Hue Oi Restaurant began in Garden Grove, but soon outgrew its location and moved to Fountain Valley just across from the Mile Square Golf Course. They will be adding a second location in just a few weeks in the South Bay/Redondo Beach—but more on that later.

Little Saigon in Orange County is the largest population of Vietnamese outside of Vietnam. The cities of Garden Grove, Westminster and Fountain Valley are at the heart of this transplanted enclave. The restaurants, shops and supermarkets offer a step into an entirely different culture and it is phenomenal that it is so close at hand for those of us who live here in the OC and thoroughly thrive on this style of cuisine......"

A Delicious Sense of Place at Hue Oi Vietnamese Cuisine


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